The BEST Autumnal Cookies


The Best Autumnal Cookies

Hey lovelies!

Today I decided to do some autumnal baking, and the results were so good I couldn’t resist sharing them with you!

These oatmeal, apple, and raisin cookies are absolutely delicious, and perfect for an autumn afternoon snack!

I only made a couple of adjustments to the original recipe, which you can find >>here<<

I swapped out the butter for a vegan spread, and added about 4-5 handfuls of raisins. I wasn’t originally planning on using raisins, but I didn’t have enough apple and oatmeal raisin is a classic! 

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I usually wouldn’t put icing on a cookie like this, so I was a bit apprehensive when the recipe called for it. But after I tried it, I was completely convinced. The icing is what brings the whole cookie together, it adds a sweetness that combines so well with the apple and raisins…yum!

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Be warned, though…this recipe makes a LOT of cookies. I think I ended up with three dozen or so!

What’s your favourite cookie to bake? Let me know in the comments!


Love always,

Emily ❤