A Rainy Day in Stratford


A Rainy Day in Stratford

Hey lovelies!

This week Nathan took me to Stratford-Upon-Avon, to visit Shakespeare’s birthplace. As a massive literature nerd and lover of the Bard, it was such an amazing experience to see where he was born, and where he spent his time when he wasn’t in London. They also had an original copy of his First Folio (the first printed copy of his works) on display, which was incredible to see! It was quite amusing trying to decipher the old English spelling – I’m lucky it was open to Romeo and Juliet or I doubt I would have been able to read it!

Sadly, the house that Shakespeare owned when he was writing was demolished by a former owner, but you can visit the site and gardens!

This tree was planted from a cutting of one that Shakespeare is thought to have planted himself.

We took a lovely walk through the beautiful gardens while the rain had stopped. It was so gorgeous, I can’t imagine how beautiful it would be in the spring!

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Sadly the rain started up again, so we decided to go to my all-time favourite bagel place, The Steamhouse, for lunch. It had been a long time since my last fix, and I had yet to visit their Stratford location, so I was really excited to go! 

We both ordered our favourite – The Modest (mine with no cheese, and Nathan’s with no salad), and Nathan got the most beautiful looking hot chocolate. It was, as always, truly delicious and I once again lamented over not living near enough to go regularly. 

It was an amazing day, despite the rain, and I’m already thinking about going back for The Steamhouse’s Christmas menu…?

If you want more information on The Steamhouse, you can read my previous post on them here.

Love always,

Emily ❤