December Plan With Me


December Plan With Me

Hey lovelies!

Can you believe it’s already December? This year has just flown by! 

Today I want to talk about one of my favourite things: bullet journalling. For those of you who don’t know, a bullet journal is a personalised book that acts as a diary, planner, and notebook all in one! You set it up, so it is completely bespoke to your needs. 

I started bullet journalling in September, after a long period of wanting to start but being too scared to. I was scared of doing it ‘wrong,’ of it not being ‘aesthetically pleasing’ enough, that it wouldn’t be perfect. I’m so glad I finally let go of my fears and started!

I’ll be writing a whole post early next year about how I’ve set up my bullet journal, but for now I want to share my December pages with you.

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I start every month with a title spread, which includes a monthly illustration and a calendar – these usually set the theme for the month. For December I decided to really let my festive creativity flow, and settled on a wreath illustration and Christmas lights theme.

One of the ways I use my bullet journal is to track my habits and mood. I’ve found that I am way more likely to perform a task if I’m tracking it, and it’s really helped my productivity! I track my habits monthly, and use a simple daily fill-in-the-square method. Although the basic format of my tracker is usually the same, I try and incorporate the monthly theme and colours as much as possible. 

Below you can see the set-up, as well as the habits that I track daily. I also track different aspects of my health and mood on the opposite page.

The final aspect of my monthly planning is the weekly spread. While the set-up of this will vary from month to month (I’m still experimenting to find the perfect format), the content stays the same.

I include my weekly to-do list, where I will write tasks that need to be completed that week, or long-term/ongoing tasks. I also include a mini-calendar showing the current week, and any important upcoming events. Then I include my daily schedule. I use this space to catalog what I have done in a given day, and to write any appointments or activities planned for that day. 

Again I incorporate the monthly theme and colours, shown here by the Christmas lights, green highlighting, and typography.

And with that, my monthly planning is complete!

I always use Pinterest for inspiration (you can follow me via the link below), and thoroughly enjoy organising my bullet journal each month. 

My notebook of choice is the Moleskine dotted soft cover large notebook*, and I always use my favourite Zebra Mildliner pens* and Mozart single brush pens*

I hope you enjoyed seeing how I planned December in my bullet journal, and hopefully I’ve given you some inspiration for your monthly spreads!


Love always,

Emily ❤️