My Desk Tour


My Desk Tour

Hey lovelies! 

I love my desk. As weird as that might be to admit, my desk space is one of my favourite places in my home. Working from home means that I spend a lot of time here, so it’s really important to me for it to be a place that inspires me and fuels my creativity. Every thing on my desk, big or small, is something that brings me joy. So I thought I would share that joy with you! 

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First up – the actual desk. I have this desk top and these legs from IKEA. In my mind you can’t go wrong with an IKEA desk – they’re sturdy, cheap, and last for ages. My desk chair is also from IKEA, and I have this little filing cabinet sitting next to my desk. My lamp is also IKEA, as is my white storage box, which I use for cables, washi tape, USB sticks, etc.

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I’m currently using the 13″ Macbook Air, and I always have it on this little bamboo laptop stand*. I love the bamboo, and it is the perfect height to make working on my laptop easier. To the left of my laptop I’ve got my notebooks. These are just the ones I’m currently using, there are loads more in my drawers (yes, I’m a notebook fiend)! My bullet journal is usually open on my desk. I’m currently using the Moleskine Large Dotted Notebook* and am always using my favourite Pilot Juice Pens* and Mildliners*. I’ll be writing a blog post all about why I bullet journal soon, so keep your eyes peeled for that! 

always have a candle burning, and I’m currently burning the Bath and Body Works Eucalyptus Mint candle – it’s bloody amazing. I got my super cute bamboo pen pot from Wilko, but here’s* a similar one on Amazon! And of course, I’ve got my trusty Glossier Balm Dotcom.

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I always have music playing, either from Spotify (heres the playlist I’ve been loving recently), or through my Crosley Record Player. I’m a big fan of old vinyl, I absolutely love the static-y sound of an old record. More often than not, if I’m using my record player, it’ll be Nat King Cole or Otis Redding. Bliss. 

Next to my record player I’ve got this cute little vase from Flying Tiger, which will usually have some fresh flowers in. I love having fresh flowers in the house – they bring so much life to any room. 

Above is my mini gallery wall. This is full of postcards, polaroids, and Rifle Paper Co. prints. 

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On to my shelves. These are the Ekby Lavia shelves with the Ekby Stodis brackets from IKEA. 

The top shelf houses my Captain America Funk Pop! Vinyl Figures*. If you’ve read my 10 Things You Probably Don’t Know About Me post, then you’ll know how much I love Captain America. I have all of the figures from each Marvel movie (except the one from The First Avenger – this was a limited edition Comic Con one, and is rather difficult to find), as well as the cute little vintage-inspired one*. I would love to collect all of them!

The lower shelf is where I keep everything I need for University: my textbooks, notebooks, sticky notes, plus whatever novels I’m currently reading. I’ve also got an Aladdin Funko Pop!* because, obviously. The adorable Dachshund print, and the Nailed It print, are both actually Rifle Paper Co. greeting cards that I’ve framed! Finally, the teddy bear is actually one that I was given when my parents got married, and that I held instead of a bouquet on the day (see picture below – that’s me, Nathan, and his little sister!).

Not going to lie here, I bloody love my windowsill. I’ve got two succulents, a little plush elephant that’s just adorable, a photo of me and my grandparents, and another Rifle Paper Co. print

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Aaaaand there you have it! That’s my desk! As I said before, I absolutely love my desk space, and it makes all the difference when I’m working from home. I’d recommend anyone that works from home to take the time to make their desk absolutely perfect, and to only have things on it that actually bring you joy (not to go all Marie Kondo on you). 

I would love to see what your desk/workspace looks like! You can leave me a comment below, or tag me in your instagram pics @justcallmeringo ☺️


Love always,

Emily ❤️