I Want So Much More Than This Provincial Life

I Want So Much More Than This Provincial Life

Hello lovelies!

This week I wanted to write about a recent trip I took to Boulogne-Sur-Mer, France. It was a completely spontaneous day trip with my family whilst they were visiting from the US, but it was so much fun!

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It’s been about ten years or so since I was last in France, but this trip really reminded me of why I love the country so much (yes, I’m that girl). The weather was absolutely gorgeous, and Boulonge was such a cute, sleepy little town. I could definitely see myself living there.

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We had lunch at this little bistro (so French), and I of course opted for Italian food (don’t judge). Who knew the best pasta I’ve ever eaten would be eaten in France? Granted, I haven’t been to Italy, but I’m willing to bet my little carb-loving stomach would be very happy there.

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The town square was probably the cutest, most quintessentially French place I think I’ve ever been to. The architecture was stunning, and it was bordered by the most gorgeous flowers.

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From Boulonge we went and visited some friends in Samer and let me just say, their house is everything I wish my house could be (think French country chateau). It was also the perfect location for even more insta shots!

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Overall I had a wonderful day, and I definitely want to go back, and soon! Big thanks to the fambam for taking me on their wild adventure, it was a blast.

Love always,

Em xxx