My Bullet Journal Set-Up for 2019


My Bullet Journal Set-Up for 2019

Hey lovelies!

The new year brings so many good things, one of my favourite being setting up my planner for the year. This year is slightly different though, as for the first year for a long time I haven’t bought a new planner! It feels so strange, and to be honest I’m still not sure how I feel about it and I might still end up getting a new one…

I have a good reason to be planner-less this year: I’m continuing my bullet journal! I spoke a little bit about my bullet journal in my December Plan With Me post, and I will be doing an entire post on why I decided to start bullet journalling soon, as well as all the lists and pages in my journal. 

I thought I’d share how I’ve set up 2019 in my bullet journal with you, and hopefully give you some inspiration for yours! I wanted to be a little bit more minimalistic with my bullet journal this year, which you’ll see throughout how I’ve set it up.

I started the year off with a 2019 calendar spread, showing each month. I’ve given each month a colour, and have highlighted birthdays with that colour and will use this colour in those monthly spreads. I’ve also included a list of birthdays so it’s all in one place!

After the calendar, I’ve got my reading wishlist and yearly goals. I really want to read more (outside of university reading) this year, and I think having a list of all the books I want to read will really help! Look out for a blog post all about this coming your way soon! I’ve split my 2019 goals into personal and professional, and they’re blank at the moment because I’ve got a whole blog post about my yearly goals coming soon!

That’s everything I’ve done for the new year, but I wanted to share how I’ve set January up as it’s changed a little bit for the new year!  

As always. I’ve started with my January title page and monthly spread. I’ve gone for a blue snowflake theme as hopefully we’ll be seeing some snowfall this month! My monthly calendar looks so bare in comparison to December! I’m giving myself a little break after the craziness of the festive period.

Next up is my monthly habit, health, and mood tracker! I’ve gone a little bit more minimalistic with the tracker this year, sticking with black and grey, and I loooove it! 

And lastly, my weekly spread. The format is quite similar to how I’ve had it in the past, but again I’ve made it a little bit more minimalistic, keeping mostly to black and white with little accents of blue. I’ve also gotten rid of the mini calendar, as it wasn’t really serving a purpose.


Aaaand that’s my 2019 bullet journal! I hope this has given you ideas for your bullet journal or inspired you to create one! Here are the products I use for mine:

Please note: These are affiliate links. I may make a small commission on any purchases, with no additional cost to you. Thank you for your support!

I would love to see how you’ve set up your planner for 2019! Tag me in your photos on instagram @justcallmeringo, or leave a a comment below!

Love always,

Emily ❤️






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  1. Sonia Pabloff

    What a great idea! I love your set up. I’ve started one myself last year. You should include your favorite seasons trackers, too. ?

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