Now is a Great Time for New Beginnings


Now is a Great Time for New Beginnings


Welcome to Just Call Me Ringo ?

My name is Emily, and I’m so so happy to finally be able to share this with you! I have been working on this site for a long time, and if I’m honest I’ve been putting off launching it because I’m a little scared.

But the best time to do something that scares you is right now, so here we are!

I have wanted a space to be able to curate all my favourite things – be that adventures, recipes, outfits, or anything else – for ages, and this blog will be just that.

I have brought over all my blog posts from my previous blog, and have been writing some new ones so there is plenty for you to read! 

Go ahead and explore the site, and feel free to comment any feedback, send me an email, or contact me on any of my social media. All the links are below ☺️

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Thank you so very much for being here, and I hope we can be friends ☺️

Love always,

Emily ❤