How I’m Wrapping my Christmas Presents for 2018


How I’m Wrapping my Christmas Presents for 2018

Hey lovelies!

Only 11 days until Christmas! Who’s excited? ?

A couple of days ago I had the ultimate festive day. I wrote all my Christmas cards, baked some cookies, and wrapped all of my presents.

Gift giving is one of my favourite parts of the holiday season. I love spending the time to find the perfect gift for someone, and I actually keep a list throughout the year of ideas! 

I’m also a firm believer that a present should look incredible, especially at Christmas. They’ve gotta look great under the tree after all ? I try and stick within a certain theme each year, and this year I decided to go for a natural, forest-y vibe. 

To get this natural festive forest vibe, I chose a simple brown and forest-green paper, some classic red and green  ribbon, some beautiful stag tags, and some natural pine cones and real cypress cuttings (from a bush on my street).

[foogallery id=”1253″]

I decided to wrap half of my presents with the natural accents using brown paper, candy cane-striped yarn, the cypress cuttings, and the pine cones. Although this took a little bit longer than most people would probably spend wrapping, the end result is so beautiful, and definitely worth it! 

[foogallery id=”1254″]

For the rest of my presents I used the forest-green paper, and a few different ribbons and yarn. These are much simpler, but still beautiful.

[foogallery id=”1255″]

I’m so happy with how these turned out, and I cannot wait for Christmas to give them to my loved ones! They look so gorgeous together, and it only took a little extra effort to make all the difference.

[foogallery id=”1256″]

I would love to see how you’re wrapping your presents this year! Send me your pictures, or tag me on instagram @justcallmeringo!

Love always,

Emily ❤️