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My Desk Tour

My Desk Tour Hey lovelies!  I love my desk. As weird as that might be to admit, my desk space is one of my favourite places in my home. Working from home means that I spend a lot of time here, so it’s really important to me for it to be a place that inspires […]

My 2018 Favourites

My 2018 Favourites Hey lovelies! It’s that wonderful time of year where I get to share all of the products that I loved throughout the last year. Not gonna lie, it took me a while to get this list together, as there were so many things that I loved in 2018!  Without further ado, let’s […]

Introducing the Just Call Me Ringo Shop!

Introducing the Just Call Me Ringo Shop! Hey lovelies! So…unless you’ve been living under a rock for the past month you should know that I have opened my very own Etsy shop! (If you didn’t know, and you’re now thinking, omg how do I make sure I never miss something this amazing ever again??? you can sign […]