Canterbury: A City Guide


Canterbury: A City Guide

Hey lovelies!

I thought it was time for me to do my first proper city guide, and Canterbury is the perfect city for it! It’s a gorgeous city, full of history and character, and is the perfect size for a day of exploring.

I’ll be sharing my favourite things to see, do, and the best spots to eat!

Things to see

The Crooked House

This house fell crooked after alternations to a chimney went wrong. It was named after Sir John Boys, and was used for the Kings School until recently when it was converted to a charity bookshop. It’s a great spot for a unique Instagram!

The Dunk Chair & The River

The chair, suspended over the river at the Old Weaver’s House, was once a witches ducking stool in the 16th and 17th Century. Women suspected of witchcraft would be dunked into the river; if they floated, they were guilty, but if they drowned, they were innocent (although they were already dead). 

In the summer, one of the best ways to see the city is to take a river tour on one of the many gondola-style boats that fill the banks. 

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Westgate Tower

Canterbury’s West Gate is the largest surviving medieval tower in England. You can climb to the top, which gives you incredible views of the city.

The Cobbled Streets

I know, I know, you can see cobbled streets in a lot of English cities. But. Paired with the historic buildings and gorgeous shop fronts, Canterbury’s cobbled streets give the city the perfect atmosphere.

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Things to Do

Tour the Cathedral

I can’t write a city guide without mentioning Canterbury Cathedral. The Cathedral is the Mother Church to the Anglican faith, and is the seat of the Archbishop of Canterbury. The architecture alone is absolutely beautiful, and definitely a must-see.

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Cream Tea at Tiny Tim’s

Tiny Tim’s Tea Room is a Canterbury staple, and for good reason. The scones and cakes are absolutely delicious, and the tea room itself is adorable! It’s the perfect spot for afternoon tea. 

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The Canterbury Tales

This is the perfect experience for any lover of classic English literature. You re-live Chaucer’s Canterbury tales as you make your own pilgrimage! 

The Marlowe Theatre

And finally, for any theatre lover there is always something to see at the Marlowe Theatre! 

Best Lunch Spots


Canteen is a lovely little cafe, and a great place to go for a home-style lunch. 

(psst – their paninis are the best)

Oscar and Bentley’s

If you have any allergies or food intolerances, Oscar and Bentley’s is the best place for you! Their entire menu is gluten-free, and most of the menu is dairy-free. The food is incredible, the staff are always friendly, and it has the most amazing ambiance. This is one of my favourite spots in Canterbury!

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Best Dinner Spots


Tucked away behind the Cathedral, this little bistro makes some of the best Italian food I have ever eaten. The cosy, warm ambiance makes it the perfect spot for a romantic dinner!

Cafe des Amis

If you’re after amazing, authentic Mexican food with a fun, quirky atmosphere, look no further than Cafe des Amis. Decorated with unique local art and bright colours, the vibe in this place is like no other!

Love always,

Emily ❤